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The Highest Quality Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils

Our extensive array of natural mint oils and our technical expertise allow us to uniquely distill, blend and customize oils that are featured in products ranging from oral care to chewing gum, from foods to pharmaceuticals that touch billions of lives every day.

World Class Mint Oils

Our North American mint products are considered the gold standard – for the consistency, flavor and potency that come from hot days, cool nights and plenty of water.

We’re strategically positioned in the best mint growing regions.

Traced From the Field

Our North American mint products are sourced from trusted local growers. We can trace each barrel of mint oil right back to the grower, even to the corner of the field where it was harvested.

This is one part of our commitment to safe, sustainable practices.

Custom. Consistent. Precise.

Our wiped film evaporation technology allows us to create products that are exactly what is ordered. Our technical understanding of mint oil composition gives us the rare ability to differentiate quality.

The purity of our oils is a reflection of our commitment to integrity.



We Source Our Mint Oils From Trusted Growers

Our headquarters in the Yakima Valley and our locations in Idaho, Oregon and the Midwest position us right in the heart of the world’s best mint growing regions.

Our proximity to the farmers and our vast infrastructure make it possible to produce and supply the world’s best mint oils. 

Hear from Wes Ferguson – a local grower and friend of Labbeemint. 

Founded in 1971, we are fourth-generation, family-owned and come from a strong background in mint cultivation and oil distillation.

The Labbees arrived in the Yakima Valley over 100 years ago. Jack Labbee took over his family farm and introduced peppermint in 1947. Jack grew to become the largest peppermint grower in the USA, incorporating Labbeemint in 1971.

Who We Are

Labbeemint is a market leader in the supply of high quality peppermint and spearmint essential oils to the flavor and fragrance industry.  Born from a strong background in mint cultivation and oil distillation, we now focus that expertise in servicing our valued customers.

Our Commitment

We remain market leaders by consistently supplying the flavor and fragrance industry with the highest quality peppermint and spearmint oils.  This is enhanced by our commitment to fair prices, our broad range of technical expertise and our unmatched customer service.

Our Integrity

We take our responsibility of being your mint oil supplier very seriously.  Your confidence is earned through our dedication to the highest standards.  We conduct our business in this manner, and the purity of our genuine mint oils reflects this.

Our Quality Assurance

Meeting our customers’ requirements drives our entire process. This means that from the field to your site, we pay the utmost attention to the assurance that our mint products meet those requirements.

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